Helpful Plumbing Tips

At M P Plumbing, we would like to give you some helpful tips that we think can prevent plumbing problems from arising. One of the first things we recommend is to go ahead and call us for an inspection.

We can take a look at your situation and make a few suggestions or changes. Another thing we suggest is to follow a pretty easy method that will help you remember to winterize. A good rule of thumb to follow is this: when you Fall back, Winterize and when you Spring forward, Dewinterize. By using daylight savings time as a reference, you can make it easy for you to remember to be prepared.

Plumbing Tips to Follow

  • Call us for inspection
  • Shut off the valves to the hose bib and drain the lines
  • Disconnect hoses
  • Open up the cabinets and turn the temperature up
  • Shut off and drain down the irrigation systems
  • Cover up the crawl space vents
  • Make sure that the pipes are properly insulated
Hose bib doesn't have a shutoff? Give us a call.
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